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Have the bridesmaids wear black gowns in luxe materials such as velvet, crepe, or chiffon.Costume
If you want to rent costumes, you will need to reserve items very early; the better costumes go quickly at Halloween.Costume
Make a "Mother of the Bride" hatpin by gluing a skull bead, mini-pumpkin bead, or some pretty black or scarlet beads to a hatpin (found at craft stores).Costume
Put the groomsmen and ushers in tails. Undertakers traditionally wore swallowtail coats.Costume
Web-ify your ensemble by embroidering spiderwebs on your shoes and gloves, or use spray glue and applique lace spiderwebs.Costume
Carve pumpkins to spell out the names of the bride and groom (one letter per pumpkin), light the interiors with electric tea lights or Christmas lights, and display on a table or atop some hay bales.Decor
If you have maple or sweet gum trees in your neighborhood, you can gather up sheaves of leaves and make wreaths.Decor
Rent wrought-iron candelabra for use as centerpieces, on the cake table, and in corners of the reception hall.Decor
Use dark colors rather than pastels in all the bouquets: blood-red roses, for example.Decor
Have the wedding and/or reception in an historic mansion. At night, they can feel "spooky" while still being formal and elegant.Locale
Fill unpowdered latex gloves with water or fruit juice, knot the wrist, and freeze. Float the hand-shaped ice cubes in a punch bowl at the reception.Menu
Freeze water in round or oval ice cube trays with two blueberries in each individual ice cube slot. When frozen and turned out into punch glasses, these cubes will look like skulls with dark, sunken eye sockets.Menu
Have candy dishes filled with roasted pumpkin seeds or candy corn placed on all the tables for guests to snack on while waiting for dinner.Menu

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