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Projects: Skull Ringbearer's Pillow


  • 1/4 yard satin fabric

  • Polyester fiberfill stuffing

  • Black embroidery floss

  • Two large buttons for eyes

  • Two small white buttons for anchoring eyes

  • Two small black buttons or beads for "nostrils"

  • 18" narrow (1/8"-1/4") satin ribbon (for tying the rings)

  • Two skull beads for ribbon ends

  • Thread

Click thumbnails for larger images.

Fig 1 Print the skull pattern, adjusting size as desired, and cut two on fold of fabric.
Fig 2 Using all 6 strands of embroidery floss, run a straight line where you want the mouth to be. Evenly space short lines for "teeth."

Note: If desired, at this point you can paint or stitch additional designs (hearts, flowers, etc.) or even decorate the skull to look like a Day of the Dead Calavera. If you plan on doing wholesale embroidery, run a zigzag stitch around the edge of the fabric to keep it from fraying. You might also choose a fabric besides satin, which tends to run easily.

Fig 3 Tack the center of the narrow ribbon to the middle of the fabric.
Fig 4 Sew two black buttons over the ribbon. These are the skull's "nostrils."
Fig 5 To keep the ribbon from being caught in the seam, fold it up neatly and pin it to the middle of the fabric.
Fig 6 With right sides together, stitch 1/2" seam all the way around, leaving a small opening for turning. Clip curves.
Fig 7 Turn right-side out, stuff (firmly, but not full to bursting), turn in raw edges of opening and slipstitch closed.
Fig 8 Tie a knot a couple of inches above the end of each ribbon end, thread on a skull bead, then tie another knot below the bead.
Fig 9 Firmly sew the large black buttons on for eyes. For added stability, use small white buttons on the back of the pillow as anchors: Run the thread all the way through the pillow, through the small button, then back through the pillow and through the large button. See next image for an illustration.
Fig 10 Small buttons used as anchors on the back of the pillow. These look a little neater than just having haphazard stitches showing through, and also prevent tight stitches from tearing delicate fabric.
Finished Pillow Tie the rings in place and you're finished.

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