Halloweddings Details

What I Did:

Because I had only a few dozen guests, my guestbook doubled as my photo album.

(Click the thumbnails below for larger views.)
Thumbnail of Guest Book I bought a blank "Book of Shadows" (a book in which witches are supposed to write their spells and such) on e-Bay. It had a black cover and gothic gold lettering on the front, and looked quite thematic. The guests signed the first page, and then I used black adhesive photo corners to attach the pictures later.
Thumbnail of Guest Pen The pen--a gift from my dad--had a lovely base in the shape of a casket. He got it from the National Funeral Museum; they also have several cheaper novelty styles. The pen now sits in a place of honor on my desk at work, where it never fails to make visitors vaguely nervous.

Other Suggestions:

  • Use any bound, blank book that appeals to you. If you want a fancier look, cover it with dark velvet or brocade.

  • Use a fancy ostrich feather-topped pen in black or another dark color.

  • Use a calligraphy felt-tip pen in either a dark color or metallic silver or gold.
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